At last, some good news?

Let’s hear it for… Denmark, and the Headteacher of the Essa Academy in Bolton!

Over in Denmark it seems they are pioneering the live use of the internet in exams, along with a refreshing view on how to deal with ‘cheating’:

And then to a school in Bolton where all pupils will be using an iPod Touch during their lessons:

But the bad news is that 71% of people who voted on the question ‘Do you think the iPod scheme for Essa pupils is a good idea?’ said ‘No’. There’s still a long way to go…

3 comments on “At last, some good news?

  1. “Sir, Sir, I couldn’t do my homework cos my dog ate my iPod.”

    What happens when the iPods break or get stolen by kids from other schools? Do they instantly get given another or have to buy one?

    It seems like an interesting idea but as many schools ban MP3 players, phones and the like because they’re a distraction, I wonder how many actually read or listen to the works of Shakespeare and educational audio podcasts rather than download game Apps and listen to their favourite music instead.

    • The issue of broken iPods is a real one – but before too long most kids will have their own smart phone, so the schools won’t need to provide them. I can’t help thinking that the current reaction is a bit like when calculators started to become common back in the late 1970s.

      It’s also true to say that the extent and quality of educational content currently available for download is not very inspiring at present – that’s something that will need to change too.

  2. Well, I would have thought some kind of asynchronous background backup system like drop box would be pretty easy to implement to avoid the lost work syndrome.
    All in all sounds like a great idea, shame it’s only just come to the foreground. Time to move to Denmark perhaps?

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