They just don’t get it, do they…?

While I’m no big fan of the new ‘Academies’, at least they provide a lucky few with the chance to access high standards of technical and vocational education in areas of the country where more traditional academically-focused schools have cleary failed to meet local needs and aspirations. But, no, it seems these institutions too must be judged on their academic performance…

“Improved life chances are however much less likely to be realised if the piece of paper academy students walk away with shows not a handful of academic subjects, but single qualifications with high values in the league tables yet low value in life.

The report said there probably were “exemplary academies with excellent curricula” but there were also those that “dazzle in the league tables” at the expense of a solid academic education.”

For ‘solid’, read ‘often stodgy and indigestible…’?

One comment on “They just don’t get it, do they…?

  1. I find it difficult to know what governments mean when they talk about progress in education. Is keeping children in education for as long as possible the same as giving them the best life chances available to them? Is giving parents as much choice in where their child is educated compatible with then criticising schools for looking to score as highly on league tables as they can? My own experience was spending an extra four years doing post doctoral research that was as academic as anything is possible to be and as least suited to my getting a job afterwards as can be imagined. I’ve no idea what that did for my life chances: can anyone tell me what I might have achieved if I’d done something different?

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