Higher Pass Notes: What is a Gagagogue?

This post follows on from Pass Notes: ‘What is a Pedagogue?‘ which you should read first, if you haven’t already done so!


Yes, what is it?

You know the other week you were telling us all about Pedagogy and Andragogy, well the other day I came across the phrase ‘Heutagogy’. Do you know what that is Sir?

Ah yes, well I was coming to Heutagogy. I hope you weren’t suggesting that I don’t know everything about everything, which of course I do. Anyway, I’m the one asking the questions around here, so, err., can anyone tell me what Heutagogy is?

According to this, Sir, it’s a concept coined by Stewart Hase of Southern Cross University, and is the study of self-determined learning. The notion is an expansion and reinterpretation of andragogy, and it is possible to mistake it for the same. However, there are several differences between the two that mark the one from the other.

Heutagogy places specific emphasis on learning how to learn, double loop learning, universal learning opportunities, a non-linear process, and true learner self-direction. So, for example, whereas andragogy focuses on the best ways for people to learn, heutagogy also requires that educational initiatives include the improvement of people’s actual learning skills themselves, learning how to learn as well as just learning a given subject itself. Similarly, whereas andragogy focusses on structured education, in heutagogy all learning contexts, both formal and informal, are considered.

Ah well there you go, I’ve always warned you about the dangers of confusing andragogy and heutagogy – you can’t be too careful these days. Just a minute, why are your words appearing in bold this week and mine aren’t? There’s something wrong here…

No Sir, it’s just that this time it’s me writing this post, and not you. Because of heutolology I’ve learnt how to learn for myself, and I don’t think I really need you anymore. In fact I could probably teach you a thing or two. I’ve even coined a term for the process of the teaching of someone older than themselves: ‘Gagagogy’ – well actually it was my six year old sister who suggested it after a discussion with my baby brother. Do you think in years to come people will search for it on the internet and discover that it was a term I first coined back in 2010?

I sincerely hope not…

Not to be confused with: ‘Googoogogy’, which is the study of how people learn using Google and a ‘Googoogogue’, some one who studies how people learn using Google.