Independent Head ‘deceived’ by academic education?

Without wishing to enter into the debate about the issues of social mobility, here’s how one independent head unbelievably describes the vivid way he sees our current educational situation:

“If we want the brightest children from our poorest homes to fulfil their potential we must not deceive them with high grades in soft subjects or allow them to believe that going to any old university to read any subject is going to be the path to prosperity, because it’s not,” he said.

“So let us not deceive our children, and especially children from poorer homes with worthless qualifications so that they become like the citizens of Weimar Germany or Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe carrying their certificates around in a wheelbarrow, or produce people like those girls in the first round of X Factor who tell us they want to be the next Britney Spears but they can’t sing a note.”