Cameron and Gove’s Laugh-in?

Readers old enough to remember the late 1960s might recall the excellent ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in’ – a break-through late night US comedy show that, amongst other things, featured a young Goldie Hawn playing the archetypal dumb-blonde.

Meanwhile some 40 or more years later, that nice Mr Gove has been talking about the freedom he wants to give people the opportunity to set up their own schools in England:

As one might expect, Mr Gove explains that he would welcome companies such as the Swedish International English Schools to come here and ‘teach the sort of rigorous academic curriculum…students in poorer parts of the country are denied’ (No Mr Gove, it’s not so much that they are denied it, it’s just not appropriate to their needs and they don’t want it).

But then a lot less predictably he says his team has recently met with Goldie Hawn whose charity already runs schools in America and Canada, and that he could not see any serious barrier to her setting up a school within the English state system. Which is somewhat surprising, given that Hawn’s Foundation teaches the Buddhist technique of Mindfulness training, which emphasises social and emotional progress over academic testing and the use of simple breathing exercises to boost learning power.

Or is Mr Gove just ‘having a laugh’? You bet your sweet bippy he is!

Is this the future of education in England? I certainly hope so!

And for a more general reminder of what the Laugh-in was like:

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