Thunderbirds are Gove!


Following up a recent tip-off,  it seems like that nice Mr Gove leads a secret double life. ‘All Change Please‘ can now reveal that Michael Gove is actually Alan Tracy from International Rescue, pilot of Thunderbird 3. Beyond the obvious visual similarities – the superficial, somewhat glazed appearance and expression – they are both seem to have wooden heads, and are unconvincingly controlled by their puppet masters. According to reliable website sources Alan sees his work at International Rescue as ‘a vital service to mankind. However, he is also a bit of a joker and somewhat reckless’. That’s rather what we had rather suspected all along.


Meanwhile further investigation by All Change Please! can now exclusively reveal that in fact the country is secretly being run by International Rescue. Unbelievably, the cabinet are International Rescue in cunning disguise.

Based on the remote Cameron Island, Scott Tracy, captain of Thunderbird 1 is taking on the role of David Cameron. In perhaps his toughest challenge as a character actor, in contrast Scott himself is usually known for his ‘complete lack of arrogance which enables him to assist his brothers with the day to day tasks of running International Rescue’.

Meanwhile Virgil (Thunderbird 2) is taking on the duties of George Osborne. Apparently Virgil: ‘is the most serious of all the Tracy family…Virgil has no sense of fear and his iron nerve makes him one of the bravest pilots. As pilot of Thunderbird 2 he cannot afford to put people at risk by acts of carelessness.‘ Do try to remember that, George. Or should that be, Virgil?

And do you recognise Lady Penelope masquerading as Theresa May? According to her IR file, she: ‘passed her exams with flying colours and leaving Roedean after being elected ‘Head Girl’, Penelope went to finishing school in Switzerland where she had a wonderful time ski-ing and touring. On several occasions she visited other countries in Europe.’

Is Samantha Cameron really Tin-Tin in real life? An obvious choice for the role as she is: ‘ Feminine and sweet, and yet highly intelligent, Tin Tin is a true credit to International Rescue, proving that women can be a great asset to such an important organisation.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the revelation that, would you believe, the ‘father’ and leader of the team, played by Jeff Tracy, is actually – Norman Lamont!

The question that arises though is that if Britain really is being run by International Rescue, why are we still in such a mess? The answer could be that a key member of the Thunderbird team appears to be missing. Significantly, All Change Please! was unable to identify anyone from the current government with any resemblance to surely the most essential member of the IR team – Brains…

And finally…

Police have warned for the public to keep a look out for this ruthless man – International Rescue’s Enemy Number 1 – a master of disguise, known simply as ‘The Hood’.


10 comments on “Thunderbirds are Gove!

  1. It’s supposed to be David Willetts, isn’t it? Although I’ve never seen him wearing the blue framed specs…

  2. At last the truth is out there! My wife would like some credit for spotting, at first sight, the striking similarity between Grove & the Thunderbird Captain. Even through she is French!! It was something to do with the dropping lower jaw according to her. Just who is pulling the strings?

  3. This is truly inspired !! And inspirational !!

    Having been to a fantastic talk by Gerry Anderson, who hated working with puppets but preferred ‘live action’ I think it is just a matter of time before he recruits the crew for a proper Thunderbirds film, and uses the cast-offs in the Labour party for a sequel series to Space 1999…

    But who will ‘face up’ to Stingray and Captain Scarlett ??

    We must be told !!

  4. Surely Brains was the pre-contact-lens Gove and will now have to be replaced ??

    Although Two-Brains-Willets is surely the closest other candidate ??

  5. However the outsider, always under the thumb of Theresa/Penelope is Denis Healey, the eyebrows that Parker was modelled on

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