Something rather sinistrous?

You might well have missed it at the time,  but it seem that Mr Gove has finally turned his attention to the rest of the children – those poor lost souls who are not destined to become great academics, and back in September announced a review of those vocational courses that are better suited to those who are ‘good with hands’, rather than their brains….

Of course, though, vocational courses will still need to be ‘complemented by a base of core academic knowledge’, so presumably that will still mean passing/failing essay/MCQ formal examinations as well. I therefore suggest that it is only fair that in future, academic courses should be ‘complemented by a basic core of practical knowledge’…?

While ‘ambidextrous’ means good with both left and right hands, it would appear that Mr Gove, along with his academic colleagues, might be described as being  ‘ambisinistrous’ – which apparently means ‘equally clumsy with either hand…’

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