Happy Birthday!

Yes, All Change Please! is one year old today! Since ‘Going for Gold’ was published on the 28th October 2009 there have been 47 posts, and a grand total of 2,457 views and 54 comments. Looking back, the great success of the year was of course ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, published in July, in which All Change Please! duly achieved its 15 minutes of fame, with over 936 hits. If the web-site stats are to be believed the other most-read posts have been ‘Gove’s gang of right ***kers’ and ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution’. And along the way we’ve unraveled the mysteries of what a pedagogue is, the art of deep thought and the true nature of soft subjects.

When the blog started it was intended more as a repository for some articles I had written a while back, but somehow over the year it has evolved into a criticism of the almost continuous stream of misleading media reports of ill-informed political statements about the future of education, and of the unquestioning belief in the value of an old-fashioned academic education for all.

Over the year All Change Please! has seen a change in education minister, the extension of the academies programme, the re-birth of the not-so-free-as-you-might-have-hoped-for school, and the abolition of Becta and the QCDA. But sadly no change at all in the things that really matter – what and how children are taught?

If you have been, thanks for reading All Change Please!

3 comments on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Wow, a year! Where did that go?

    It does seem to have flown by and as you say, lots of public and political observations and changes but what has really changed?

    Everyone knows the system isn’t quite right but just like any job I’ve been in or witnessed, a new manager comes in and either tinkers around the edges or makes radical alterations. The manager then moves on to muck something else up and either leaves a mess or nothing really changed at all!

    All change please! – I guess that sums it up, much like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, “Move along, move along”, “There’s someone else who wants to have a go at altering something.”

    Said Alice: “Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest (tea) party I’ve ever been to in all my life.”)

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