Ahead in the cloud?

One of the things that keeps All Change Please! awake at nights is the thought that, while the new freedom of the internet provides the opportunity to learn anything, anyplace, anytime, what is most likely to happen is that in the future learners will be expected to watch long, boring, fact-filled YouTube video clips sitting on their own in their bedrooms, instead of sitting all together in a classroom listening to long, boring, fact-filled teachers.

Which is why it was great to come across this clip which was one of the winners of the Britain’s Jamie Oliver Dream Teachers competition:

I only know about it as it was on the front page of our local newspaper, and the fact that the teacher works at the same school that All Change Please! once taught in, is, of course, quite coincidental. However, it was amusing to recall the time it spent itself back in the 1980s getting pupils to analyse the design of everyday products by using a similar ‘who, what, when, how and why’ analysis approach, even if the delivery was rather slower and a lot less animated. At the same time though the teacher does miss a somewhat disruptive trick that All Change Please! liked to play, by getting pupils to use a six-sided dice to determine which question to ask next.

But nonetheless, perhaps we will sleep more easily now, knowing that there is at least something worthwhile out there to watch in cyberschool. Or to put it more poetically, maybe it’s time to start putting our heads in the cloud?

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