An iPad in time

Dateline April 1st, 3011

Social historians announced today that they have made a startling discovery that suggests that iPads were actually in use much earlier than previously thought. Up to now it was believed that The iPad Age began in the early part of the 21st century, but this recently discovered, completely undoctored image shows the devices, which appear to be the white iPad 2, in place in a classroom in the Victorian era, suggesting they were common some 150 years prior to the previously believed date. Curiously the iPads appear to have been used alongside printed books.

“This is an enormously exciting and important discovery,” said a spokesperson. “However it does raise some interesting questions about why the iPads then appear to have failed to make an impact in education, and the basic processes of teaching and learning remained unaltered for a further 200 years”. He continued: “I do hope we’re right about this, otherwise we’re likely to get well and truly slated.”

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