Don’t Truss the Russell Group
Here we go again:

‘Elizabeth Truss, MP for South West Norfolk,…. said students at comprehensives were being “mis-sold low quality subjects that are not accepted at top universities…. In March, Truss recommended an A-level Baccalaureate of rigorous A-levels, comprising at least an AS-level mathematics and an AS-level language or humanity. She said this would appear in school league tables and provide a “gold standard”, which would “give students a clear steer on the value of subjects”.’

The Russell Group obviously wish to ensure that the most able academic pupils end up studying at the universities that they represent, but of course this represents a very small proportion of the total school population. It might, therefore, be more appropriate to offer some alternative advice, i.e. that if a more typical student wants to have a successful ‘practical’ career in Accounting, Business Studies, Law, Design, the Media, the Performing Arts, the Music, Food or IT industry, Sports Management or Travel and Tourism, then perhaps they should be strongly advised not to take English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography or Languages at A level? If they are being wrongly encouraged to do these subjects by their school, then they are being ‘mis-sold’ academic subjects on the basis that they will automatically lead to guaranteed employment and a successful career.