That’s Gove’s Law…

First of all, remember Estelle Morris? She suddenly turned up this morning talking a great deal of sense in a damning critique of nice Mr Gove, suggesting that he is trying to replicate his own education for the nation’s children.

What makes this even more worrying though is that it seems that nice Mr Gove did not seem to have a very good Science teacher while at school. In an extended piece in The (subscription required) Times on Saturday, also reported in The Guardian:

he claims that “What [students] need is a rooting in the basic scientific principles, Newton’s laws of thermodynamics and Boyle’s law.”

Now as every pre-National Curriculum schoolchild knows, Newton’s laws were all about motion, and not thermodynamics. Indeed the first and second laws of thermodynamics only emerged  in the 1850s, primarily out of the works of William Rankine, Rudolf Clausius, and William Thomson (Lord Kelvin).

Well maybe it’s just that nice Mr Gove doesn’t believe anything he reads in Wikipedia?

Meanwhile we really can’t afford to have the nation’s children all growing up to be mini-me Mr Goves.