Going for Gove


As might be expected, yesterday the Twittersphere was alive with the sound of of teachers tweeting their disapproval of nice Mr Gove’s remarks on the Andrew Marr show. There is now a special ‘#Gove must Go’ thread. All Change Please!’s contribution was to suggest that “Gove has been sitting in the Sun for too long, gazing into the Mirror too often, and taking too much notice of his Daily Mail…”

There can be little question now that Gove has failed to take the profession with him, and it must surely now just be a matter of time before there is a summer cabinet re-shuffle in which, in recognition of his excellent work, he is promoted to a more senior post?

One comment on “Going for Gove

  1. As a follow up to the film ‘Bad Teacher’, I wonder if they will they make ‘Bad Secretary of State for Education’?

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