e-hab? No, No, No…

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, All Change Please! has been away on holiday for the past couple of weeks, and while doing so experienced a change itself, in that it did not have any access to a desktop, laptop or any sort of smartphone, or indeed the internet at all. How would it possibly survive those long, lonely hours with no keyboard to tap away at or no wi-fi signal to locate? Surprisingly well as it turned out, and it became strangely nostalgic for the good old days when when one  actually went out and about to meet people and see things and feel the direct heat of the sun, rather than the dull warmth of a recently re-charged battery pack.

Now while the last thing All Change Please! wants to do is to promote the restriction of the use of new media in education, it was reminded of a point it made back in the early 1980s when we all still thought the future was actually going to be like the future. What we still really need to start learning is when it’s appropriate to use new and emerging technologies, and when it’s better to stick with things as they are in the present. All technologies bring potential advantages and disadvantages to different users and circumstances, but, as yet, we don’t seem to be very good at working out which are which and taking the necessary steps to anticipate and alleviate new problems before they occur. And that’s an approach to thinking and doing that our education system is just not promoting in its present form.

Meanwhile, however, my 2 weeks of e-hab doesn’t seem to have cured me of my addiction to all things beginning with and e- or i-. Otherwise I wouldn’t be back here so soon blogging, posting, twittering, surfing, e-mailing, etc…

3 comments on “e-hab? No, No, No…

    • Well I guess you could find e-hab wherever there is no broadband/mobile phone signal! I happened to be on board a ship where access was ridiculously expensive.

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