GCSE? It’s as easy as ABC

“Mind your own business, mate…”

So at last it’s GCSE results day, and yet again we are being treated to the TV spectacle of seeing groups of ever-so-clever students opening their plain brown exam envelopes only to discover that they’ve all got A*s.

Can we please see someone on TV open their exam results and discover they have ‘failed’ their A levels or GCSEs? How well have schools prepared them for this disappointment? It must be really distressing for them to witness the joy and delight of the great academic know-it-alls of their schools and anticipate that they are missing out on the glittering careers that must surely await them after they succeed with their A levels and eventually graduate from university. The problem is no-one has told them it’s not like that anymore, and that many graduates a degree and a large debt is probably the last thing they want right now.

So, although I don’t necessarily agree with the idea about lying about one’s grades, it’s great to come across Charlie Brooker’s recent, and very different media message, in which he concludes:

“Your grades are not your destiny: they’re just letters and numbers which rate how well you performed in one artificial arena, once.”

And finally, on the subject of ‘grade inflation’: “My exam results have come through: I got an A, B and C. I’m hoping they will  teach me the rest of the alphabet when I’m at college”.

3 comments on “GCSE? It’s as easy as ABC

  1. I think as a society we place far too much store by academic success and neglect the other things that make for a healthy society, including good quality vocational education. Among other things, it’s unfair to put people under so much pressure to get academic qualifications when it won’t necessarily lead to a job.

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