How to succeed in everything, and nothing?

So here’s The Guardian reporting on what we all anticipated – substantial increases in pupils ‘choosing’ to study academic subjects such as geography and history for GCSE, and a decline in courses such as music, the performing arts and textiles, along doubtless with many other similar options.

But what’s really breath-taking is Michael Gove’s assertion that:

Subjects such as physics, chemistry, history, geography, French and German give students the opportunity to succeed in every field.”

Except of course in art, design, music, IT, film and television and a host of other so-called ‘soft’ fields of work that actually help drive the UK economy forward. And that’s where we really need the bright, capable but non-academic students who are now increasingly being led down the blind alley of unlikely entry to Oxbridge.

Gove continues:

“More young people are now following the courses which the best colleges and top employers value.”

Yet, as I posted in:‘ Educashun still isn’t working’, way back in the 1980s ‘top employers’ were stating what their real needs were, and they certainly didn’t include a plethora of academic subjects.

Gove’s ’rounded education’ looks rather more like a severely squashed oval?

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