Keep taking the tablets

So, with today’s Amazon announcement of a range of new Kindles, assuming the colour version is released in the UK sometime next year and costs less than £199, is this likely to have an impact on the number of pupils in 2013 owning their own tablet that they bring into school – or on schools deciding to equip students with such a device to save on the purchase of textbooks?

If this happens, as the Kindle does not include a camera or microphone, will the potential to use tablets for other than reading texts severely limit its value in the classroom?

Will Apple be forced to compete with cheaper cut-down educational iPads or iPhones?

And will teacher-phobes continue to reject the idea of using such devices in schools?

Is this going to be the device that sets the world of education on fire, or is it yet another damp squib?

Comments please…

One comment on “Keep taking the tablets

  1. Ummmm…technology in schools… did anyone see the crowds of Greek children hurling their CDs at Government Buildings on the news last night, shouting, “we want books!”……..? These CDs were produced to save the Govt. money, yet still provide the educational texts that the children need to have. They were seen by the children as an insulting ‘2nd best’………..ummm…..

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