O.M.G! (Oh. My. Gove…!)

King Gove the 1st of England

Well it seems that every state school in England is to receive a new copy of  a special edition of the King James Bible from the government – with a brief foreword by Michael Gove…


“In a speech at Cambridge promoting the virtues of a classical education, he [Gove] called for a deeper study of literature – “Austen’s understanding of personal morality, Dickens’ righteous indignation, Hardy’s stern pagan virtue” – scientific reasoning, history and foreign languages.

Gove said that society should be more demanding of teachers and students. “We should recover something of that Victorian earnestness which believed that an audience would be gripped more profoundly by a passionate, hour-long lecture from a gifted thinker which ranged over poetry and politics than by cheap sensation and easy pleasures.”

Not content with dragging schools back to the 1950s, it now seems he is setting his sights even further – back to the 1850s.

Meanwhile in the Daily Mail… well, need I say any more?


“Michael God now faces an almighty fight to impose his vision of a high-quality education on our country. Everyone who believes in education must support him.”

The Daily Mail doesn’t quite conclude.

However, this is all really just an opportunity to provide a link to this excellent post:


One comment on “O.M.G! (Oh. My. Gove…!)

  1. I’ve never really read anything like that Daily Mail article: like some kind of a parallel universe. Is it all an elaborate joke? Someone dared Michael Gove that he couldn’t enrage every sandal-wearing Grauniad reader in the country?

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