Carry On… Up The Conservatives

Exclusive Breaking News !

All Change Please! – the blog that broke the news that the Government was being secretly run by International Rescue (Thunderbirds are Gove), can now reveal that, with the announcement today of the double-dip entendre recession, Thunderbirds have been sacked and the Cabinet has now been taken over by the cast of the Carry On films…

Prime Minister David ‘Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy’ Cameron is in fact now none other than Kenneth Williams.

And yes, that’s Peter Butterworth as The PM’s manservant Nick Clegg

While Michael ‘Ooh Matron’ Gove is being expertly played by Charles Hawtrey, straight (or otherwise) from the 1950s.

And Frankie Howard is George ‘You might feel a slight prick’ Osborne

Here’s Kenneth  “A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre, so the barman gives her one.” Clarke is played by Sid James

While Barbara Windsor appears as Theresa ‘Cheeky’ May

Wait, isn’t that Bernard Breslaw as William ‘Things are going to be hard’ Hague?

And finally here’s Joan Sims making a guest appearance as Mrs ‘This lady’s not for turning’ Thatcher

Meanwhile our on-the-scene reporter, Ivor Bigun claims to have photos of the entire cabinet immediately using the rear exit and going up the back passage of number 10. Just how long can they continue to keep it up? And when will Jeremy ‘stupid’ Hunt be forced to resign? Apparently Sgt Bung has been put in charge of the investigation.

And as for the current Tory slogan: “We’re all in this together“, the mind boggles…

What a Carry On…

With thanks to Tristram Ariss for the initial idea and selection of images

One comment on “Carry On… Up The Conservatives

  1. Now we can confirm we really are ‘Up the Khyber…!’

    Like the Carry On comedies, the government’s policies also seem to be based on flimsy and simplistic themes with tenuous links that are generally in poor taste.

    Their actions seem to serve no one but themselves, they are not listening to good advice or the people and I think the tinkering style decisions being made are a national disaster.

    Weak analysis of facts and tenuous extrapolation from data along with their lack of knowledge of the real world makes me laugh at some of the thoughts they have, unfortunately becoming real-world policies too.

    It’s laughable what they come up with, but at the same time it’s a tragedy for the UK as I see the consequences of those policies around me. Now is not the time to stop money flowing around amongst the ‘normal’ system of earning and spending people, it’s what keeps the UK going.

    Yet the government is stemming the flow of funding and spending, affecting more and more people downstream. Thinking this simplistically is not how to save the UK, it’s seizing the country rather than kick-starting it!

    Hmm, so how are we to survive in the evaporating puddle of money that’s left while the rich are awash with even more? Someone’s holding the money! Turning off the money system for a while doesn’t actually help anyone, it just makes things worse!

    Keeping Calm but can’t Carry On…..!

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