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Please sign the petition to save the future of creativity in schools

“The campaign to reform the EBacc

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) threatens the very future of creative subjects – like Music, Art, Design & Technology, Drama and Dance.

By missing them off its list of core areas children must study, the Government is undermining their place at the heart of learning.

Your voice is vital to help change this

Without them, our children will be denied the balanced education they need to grow and thrive. Without them, the skills that drive our creative economy will be lost.”

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Now we are three…

Yes it’s the 28th October 2012 and All Change Please! is three years old today, and growing fast. No longer in its Terrible Twos, it’s learnt to stand firmly on its own two feet. More importantly it is starting to ask important questions such as who, what, where, and, most frequently, why on earth not? Socially, it enjoys making others laugh and being silly. As a result its proud parents are convinced it is highly gifted and have started saving to ensure it will gain a place at Oxbridge in the not too distant future, providing, of course, that it gets to go to e-ton first.

It just doesn’t seem like three years ago that out popped Going for Gold, its very first post, when it announced that the London 2012 Olympic Selection Committee had decided only to award gold medals for outstanding performance in the 100 meters for fear of dumbing down the games. In the end, of course, that didn’t happen. Well not in sport anyway, but it certainly has in education where it has become a case of winning an academic eBacc gold or facing the disgrace of going home empty-handed.

Meanwhile this year’s most widely clicked-on posts have been:

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Which is a bit of a pity really, because  All Change Please‘s favourite posts have been:

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Whatever, as the late and somewhat off-beat broadcaster John Ebden used to sign off:

If you have been, thanks for listening.’

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Your Country Needs You…

As anyone who indulges in any form of creative thought and action will tell you, great new ideas and insights often emerge at the very moment you stop trying and do something else instead, such as eating, surfing the web or taking a shower – as opposed to sitting isolated in the school hall writing a three hour essay restricted to the use of pen and paper,

In the current economic climate we urgently need as many people as possible working in creative, high-skill, business-savvy, income-producing employment. All Change Please! would therefore like to suggest that at present we simply cannot afford for so many students to pursue the luxury of an academic education that in many cases leads to nothing more than high rates of graduate unemployment. What’s needed is a real long-term commitment to a first-rate, gold-standard technical and vocational education programme instead of yet another sad failure of the 1944 Education Act.  Keeping calm and carrying on is just not an option anymore.

And the current provision of school buildings – closely matched to a curriculum structure that divides everything up into neat, tidy, non-practical academic subjects to prepare everyone for entry into a Russell Group University – is certainly not the way to prepare for the 21st century challenges that lie ahead. We’re still a long way off establishing where the best places to learn actually are – but they are certainly not to be found in the traditional school infrastructure.

Your Country Needs You – not to become an academic!

Any colour you like, providing it’s not…

Cadbury’s to take over West Coast Main Line. Oh, wait, that’s a different story…

Following the restrictions of the use of five interlocking rings and other associated Olympic branding rights, it seems other organisations are now getting in on the act…

As a result of the recent decision to allow Cadbury exclusive use of the colour Pantone-2685c-purple*, the author Alice Walker is believed to be claiming she already has exclusive rights to the colour purple. Buckingham Palace has already rushed to register its own shade of velverty-purple to avoid any association with Cadbury purple. It is reported that Prince is re-releasing ‘The Colour Formerly Known as Purple Rain’, while Pink Floyd are yet to clarify their position on the matter. Procul Harum are claiming rights to a whiter shade of pale.

Blood red has already been reserved for the Red Cross and blood donor service, but this is currently being challenged by the National Association Of Vampires. The AA motoring service is concerned about a conflict of interest in their yellow-amber badge colour and middle traffic light colour that exhibits a similar hue. There have been widespread reports that Sky+ blue is causing issues during daytime use.

Apple gave up trying to patent their highly distinctive rainbow logo sequence many years ago due to complications with a former eminent scientist who it turned out had already registered the spectrum colour combination. With the exception of donkey grey, which has been held by the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary since 1987, Apple have however since secured most tints of grey, and are now reported to be controversially suing the publishers of the book Shades of Grey for copyright infringement.

The opposition party have claimed ‘whitewash’ as a special colour for use in relation to specific government policy announcements. Mr Gove, having failed to register the colour Gove – a sort of transparent, flaccid puce – is claiming that all colours should be made more rigorous by removing them altogether, returning to the simpler black and white of the 1950s. He will also be introducing new laws to reclassify all colour names into their original Latin.

Finally, please note that the popular Trooping the Colour ceremony has been cancelled due to legal reasons. I don’t want the future to be orange. And all this just makes me see Ferrari red.

* To be fair, the restriction only applies to the mis-use of Cadbury Purple on other chocolate bar wrappers. At least for now that is.

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