Your Country Needs You…

As anyone who indulges in any form of creative thought and action will tell you, great new ideas and insights often emerge at the very moment you stop trying and do something else instead, such as eating, surfing the web or taking a shower – as opposed to sitting isolated in the school hall writing a three hour essay restricted to the use of pen and paper,

In the current economic climate we urgently need as many people as possible working in creative, high-skill, business-savvy, income-producing employment. All Change Please! would therefore like to suggest that at present we simply cannot afford for so many students to pursue the luxury of an academic education that in many cases leads to nothing more than high rates of graduate unemployment. What’s needed is a real long-term commitment to a first-rate, gold-standard technical and vocational education programme instead of yet another sad failure of the 1944 Education Act.  Keeping calm and carrying on is just not an option anymore.

And the current provision of school buildings – closely matched to a curriculum structure that divides everything up into neat, tidy, non-practical academic subjects to prepare everyone for entry into a Russell Group University – is certainly not the way to prepare for the 21st century challenges that lie ahead. We’re still a long way off establishing where the best places to learn actually are – but they are certainly not to be found in the traditional school infrastructure.

Your Country Needs You – not to become an academic!

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