Now we are three…

Yes it’s the 28th October 2012 and All Change Please! is three years old today, and growing fast. No longer in its Terrible Twos, it’s learnt to stand firmly on its own two feet. More importantly it is starting to ask important questions such as who, what, where, and, most frequently, why on earth not? Socially, it enjoys making others laugh and being silly. As a result its proud parents are convinced it is highly gifted and have started saving to ensure it will gain a place at Oxbridge in the not too distant future, providing, of course, that it gets to go to e-ton first.

It just doesn’t seem like three years ago that out popped Going for Gold, its very first post, when it announced that the London 2012 Olympic Selection Committee had decided only to award gold medals for outstanding performance in the 100 meters for fear of dumbing down the games. In the end, of course, that didn’t happen. Well not in sport anyway, but it certainly has in education where it has become a case of winning an academic eBacc gold or facing the disgrace of going home empty-handed.

Meanwhile this year’s most widely clicked-on posts have been:

A brief history of dates
Flippin’ Tech
iAuthor: mind over machine
Living in the past

Which is a bit of a pity really, because  All Change Please‘s favourite posts have been:

Invisible learning
Are Janet and John now working at the DFES?
A return to O levels: what really happened
Carry On…Up The Conservatives
Froth always follows function at the Fab Lab cafe!

Whatever, as the late and somewhat off-beat broadcaster John Ebden used to sign off:

If you have been, thanks for listening.’

Photo credit:  Leo Reynolds

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