Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally too


Mr and Mrs Smith were blessed with four children, all of whom are now grown up.  Although they love them all, they are particularly proud of Tom, who works in the local care home. He helps people in their old age, making their final days as easy and pleasant as he can, and he’s a highly valued member of the local community. Meanwhile Dick has set up his own successful business and supplies and advises on the latest energy-saving gadgets and fittings for the home, saving the planet, and saving people money on their electricity bills too. Sally is very different – she’s an entertainer, and sings and dances, bringing joy and laughter to her audiences. Using her self-taught IT skills she’s set up her own very creative website and social media network to promote her band.

And then there’s Harry. To be honest, he’s a bit of a disappointment. He’s no good at making or mending things, has no business sense and often finds it difficult to communicate with others or working as part of a team. At school, all he was interested in was reading books and regurgitating odd bits of trivial knowledge. As a last resort it was suggested that he might be best suited to doing an academic degree at a Russell Group university. He seemed to quite enjoy it there, but it was a complete waste of time – he now has a large debt to pay off and he’s still not able to find a job as, despite Sir Michael Wilshaw’s hopes and expectations, he wasn’t interested in becoming a lawyer, solicitor, politician, judge or surgeon, and there are few opportunities for university staff these days as everything is now online. His parents can’t help feeling that the education system has failed him.

The sad thing is that there are a lot of other people, just like Harry, who have become over-dependent on high-level qualifications and have drifted into a life of pointless academia. They deserve a better future, and desperately need our help and understanding. Please give generously to the ‘Save The Children From Gove’ campaign.



Image Credit: 123RF

4 comments on “Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally too

  1. Let’s take the Michael out of education, please!

    I like change and there’s always room for improvement and development in things like education. But, as both my children now move into secondary schools, nothing fills me with fear and loathing more than what I’ve been seeing and hearing coming from the Gove.

    I forget how many things he’s proposed so far and what has or hasn’t managed to squeeze through, but I can honestly say nothing has made any sense and doesn’t come anywhere near to what I would call fair and sensible as we move forwards into the future.

    God help us, and our kids.

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