Horses for courses

This post was written just after Ed Milliband was elected leader of the Labour Party.

All Change Please!

I was recently reading about a highly qualified Oxbridge scientist who was enjoying, and by all accounts succeeding in her first year as a teacher in a secondary school under the ‘Teach First‘ scheme that encourages graduates to spend at least the first two years of their career teaching in ‘difficult’ secondary schools.

Very soon, I thought, and sooner than she probably realises, she will have to make the biggest decision of her life – whether to leave teaching at the end of the two years, or to become a teacher for the rest of her working life. In later years we of course would recognise her as someone with excellent communication and personnel skills, highly organised, methodical, hard-working and socially-minded with excellent communication and personnel skills – ideal for employment in any industry. But sadly industry doesn’t work that way, and before long will simply see her…

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