This Adorable Post Will Melt Your Heart Away


Now that’s what I call an adorable post…

Yes, in yet another pathetic attempt to increase the number of clicks on its site, All Change Please! has resorted to trying the latest technique in attention-seeking subject titles.

In a crowded twitter-sphere, the titles of article and blog post continue to become increasingly important. They have but a moment to grab a potential reader’s attention enough to make them click on the link and read further. One technique, as All Change Please! previously revealed in 200 Posts That Failed To Change The World, was to include a number in the title. Now if like All Change Please! you are a bit of a Tweeter, you might also have noticed the latest trend which is to provoke an emotional response with actual titles such as:

Sorry, But This Bulldog Puppy’s Attempt To Howl Might Make Your Heart Explode

This Adorable Bag Just Might Be The Best Carry On Bag Out There

Cutest little babies to make your day!

The 6 Most Haunted Places In America Will Terrify You

Cute little Mini Dachshund takes a little bath in a little sink

So All Change Please! has been wondering whether teachers should start to adopt this approach in the classroom? Perhaps if each lesson were given a suitable emotional engagement-grabbing title children would be more motivated to sit and listen? For example:

  • 3 terrifying chemicals that will slowly poison you to death
  • A simply awesome classic novel that will change your life forever
  • Quadratic equations that will restore your sense of balance
  • 6 things about child labour in Victorian times that will make you sweep
  • 10 strange French verb endings that will leave you speechless
  • 50 amazing push-ups that will take your breath away
  • Cutest little sable paintbrushes to colour in your day
  • 20 highly detailed geographical maps that will reduce you to tears
  • Adorable little gerbil dissected in biology will leave you feeling gutted
  • Brand new 3D laser cutter will tear you up inside

Or on second thoughts, perhaps not?


Image credit:  Flickr/nesster


2 comments on “This Adorable Post Will Melt Your Heart Away

  1. Perhaps, yes! Pupils like to be entertained, scared, puzzled and made to search for solutions. Teachers stimulate their curiosity. Associate the subjects that you teach with their lives, happenings and emotions. Be proactive not passive. If students do not learn it is because you do not know how to teach, I am afraid, despite your knowledge.

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