About this blog

This blog was initially intended a repository for a series of articles that I have already written and those that I will write in the future about the urgent need for change in education. Some were, are and will be prophetic. Others were, are, and will be highly controversial. Few were or will ever be published.

Since then however it seems to have become more of a record of the almost continuous misleading media reports of ill-infomed political statements about the future of education and the unquestioning belief in the value of an old-fashioned academic education for all.

About the author

At one time or another, Tristram Shepard is, was or might be one or more of the following:

• A student of Industrial Design.

• Head of Art, Design and Technology in a secondary school.

• Course tutor for the Open University ‘Design: Processes and Products’.

• A freelance educational/publishing consultant.

• Series Editor/Author of ‘Design&Make It!’ and ‘Getting IT Right’ for Nelson Thornes.

• Programme Co-ordinator for Art and Design and Media and Communication for the Further Education National Consortium.

• Ofsted inspection team member for Art and Design and Technology.

• Consultant for an e-portfolio research and development project.

• An educational technologist with a particular interest in technology education.

* A technology educationalist with a special interest in educational technology.

• Photographer.

• Design historian of everyday objects.

Contact email: tristram@f2s.com

My parents always had high hopes for me….

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