The great e-scape

During the past five or so years I’ve been involved as a consultant with Goldsmiths Univeristy in London for a project looking at the development of on-line portfolios. Not the sort of interminable ‘Make a Powerpoint presentation of your finished project and upload it to the exam board’s website’ sort of portfolio, but one in which learners’ thoughts and actions are recorded as they happen using words, photos, audio and video immediately uploaded into a webspace that they themselves own and control. In turn this has led to research and development in ‘comparative pairs’ – a remarkable new way of holistically and reliably assessing work on-line that is set to dispense with traditional approaches to ‘marking’.

To find out more go to:,5882,en.php

Here you can download the web-based e-scape ‘brochure’ and the full report of Phase 3 of the project.