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There’s a growing trend in on-line learning to award students electronic badges for succeeding at various tasks:  and

Now never having been a Beaver, let alone a Cub or a Scout, All Change Please! has been somewhat sniffy and superior about the idea of badges, especially as neither it, nor its alter ego, has never won an award for anything, ever. Until now, that is, because the very kind and lovely Jenny Pellett, a regular All Change Please! reader and forthwith legendary No.1 Fan, has very kindly nominated its Can I See Tea? post for a ‘Memorable Moment Award‘. And as a result All Change Please! has had to very carefully re-examine its attitude to badges, and has decided that actually, on the whole, all things considered, it now really rather approves of them. Especially as what the world needs now is more skills and less academic qualifications.

So, according to the rules, an acceptance post must be published – which is what this is – and in turn further nominations for an Memorable Moment Award must be made for one or more posts by other bloggers. So, in no particular order, the All Change Please! nominees for a Best Memorable Moment Award go to….

(insert inappropriately long pause here to build tension)

(wait for it…)

(and keep waiting interminably and/or you’ve given up all interest and have gone to put the kettle on)

JJ Charlesworth for his post: Are You Experienced?

Most art critics spew out a load of incomprehensible gibberish, but JJ is a rare example of someone who has something interesting to say that is eminently readable. At the same time he somehow manages to convey the impression he is actually enjoying what he is writing, and, like All Change Please! isn’t afraid to plunder popular music titles of the late 1960s. The fact that he is a former A level student of mine from way back when is, of course, entirely co-incidental.

Next, Carla Turchini for: I Do Not Like This Game

There are no holes barred in this hard-hitting, no-nonsense critique of what it is like to work in the design industry where the value of good design is being severely compromised by short-term commercial pressures. The fact that Carla is the designer of many of my most successful books is, of course, entirely co-incidental.

And finally, Simon Shepard for: Fundamental Principles: One In, One Out

for his ability to take an ordinary, everyday situation and use it as an analogy for an approach to writing code. That’s my boy. The fact that…, etc., etc.

But wait – I should have known better… How could I forget this blog (which it seems I did)? So, from me to you: a special Lifetime Blog Achievement Award for Fred Garnett‘s visceral ‘9 after 909’ account of music, society and culture in the Sixties. An absolutely excellent and memorable read, and particularly so if you are a Beatles’ fan. Oh dear – it’s all too much.

Rules for the BEST MOMENT AWARD:  1. These nominees (now winners) repost these rules completely after their acceptance speech. 2. Winners now have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a Thank You for those who helped them, a NEW list of people and blogs worthy of the award (up to 15), and the winners posted here will then notify their choices with the great news of receiving this special award.   Download the award’s logo at and post it with your acceptance.

And finally, thanks again to Jenny Pellett, without whom this post would not have been possible.

So as All Change Please! breaks down in tears and is helped, or rather dragged, from the stage, all it needs to do now is to find a needle and thread so it can proudly sew its first badge on. Anyone got a woggle they no longer want?

DIB DIB DIB, as they used to say in the 1960s. Apparently DIB stands for Do Your Best, which perhaps explains why spelling amongst the 50 somethings is sometimes a bit erratic. Oh and just in case you weren’t wondering, DOB DOB DOB stands for Do Our Best. Not a lot of people know that, as Micheal Caine apparently never said.